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Mimi Giordano


My “Southern Belle” roots originated in Memphis, Tennessee, just down the street from Graceland, complimented by many formative years in Dallas, Texas. So, it goes without saying that I will always be a loyal Cowboys fan, regardless of the win/loss records. Strong family values are at the heart of who I am and those ideals are the foundation of every individual “love-story” inspired wedding ceremony I author.

A few nuggets worth sharing… I will always order sweet tea over water with lemon, a peach cobbler or pecan pie is sure to be on hand at home and the best family memories are always made when you simply sit around the kitchen table, talking for hours. My personal rewards are two amazingly talented daughters and three grandsons whom hold my heart in their hands.

I’d love to hear your love story and share with you more about my 22 year passion of officiating, so let’s plan our “It’s Official Meet & Greet” over coffee, tea and something sweet. I am sure we’ll be good friends.


Emily Harrison

Associate Officiant

My life is enriched everyday by a wonderful man who 15 years ago asked for a ride on my golf cart. Together we share the love of our three amazing children and also every weekend at either the hockey rink or the dance studio and sometimes both.  My personal identity is defined by deep faith, a treasured collection of big earrings, my favorite pj’s, and a vast array of candles.  I simply can’t resist a Bath and Body Works sale. And, I can pretty much relate any situation in life back to an episode of friends.

 My hero’s will always be my grandparents who have been married for 60 years and are an example of all the fruits of the spirit.  As an officiant, I am truly blessed to personally share in one of the most significant moments in a couples life as they profess vows to each other in the presence God, friends and family. I look forward to the honor of officiating for you.     



Regina & Mohamad

Mimi was so easy to work with and helpful.  From our very first "meet & greet" with her to the moment she pronounced us married we knew that selecting Mimi and "It's Official" was the perfect choice for us. Also, I need to share that she is sweet as pie and have a wonderful sense of humor. For me, I had to have an officiant I was comfortable with and who could make our ceremony entertaining and she did! I promise you'll love her the minute you meet her and your ceremony will be the treasure of a lifetime. 

Davina & Jason

Mimi was like stumbling onto a gem! My husband and I wanted something special, intimate and memorable and we didn't know where to start. And we had only 5 days to plan this wedding. I contacted Mimi and was blown away by her beautiful personality and energy. She selected the perfect spot for our private wedding the very spot of our first date!  Our personalized ceremony was everything we wanted and we and more!

Angelica & Joseph 

Our ceremony was so perfect it almost felt like Emily knew us forever. With just our one meet and greet over coffee & donuts along with a fun questionnaire form we completed (in secret from each other) Emily and Mimi were able to put together such a great ceremony that I think everyone cried! They were even able to guide us in creating our personalized vows! I would definitely recommend It’s Official to everyone! Thank you for making our day so special.

Megan & Christopher

Working together, Mimi crafted a beautiful ceremony that included my son and my husband's daughter. the inclusive ceremony established a solid bond for us, our families and our guests that will always be remembered.